Dario Chiappetta

Software engineer, AI practitioner, amateur musician

Computer Stuff

I like pretty much everything about computer science, its ineluctable logic, the way software and data escape the scarcity of the material world... There's a deeply human sense of common good in Open Source software that I find inspiring, a will to explore and progress in the whole field, that is thrilling and stimulating.

I got a small server in my kitchen named Nico, a bunch of raspberries that control lights and stuff but, above all, my core interest is Artificial Intelligence: language and human pragmatic is destined to become the main way we interact with machines; I realized that some years ago, and now it's exciting to be part of this change as a professional.


There's only one instrument that really matters, and that instrument is bass. I was lucky enough to meet brilliant people to share music and laughs, keeping it real, never taking ourselves too seriously. Together as friends and (sort of) musicians, we form a band that is called Telemagenta.

(I sometimes play the piano in jazz jam sessions, but I keep the volume down so that people don't hear the mistakes...)


As part of my committment to limit the amount of "software engineer" blood in my veins, I travel a lot.

I wrote an app to track my travels and show itineraries, pictures and thoughts on a map... But that's under maintenance: here's some pictures instead.

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